1. Here a few single covers and an album cover i did for Cambridge locals ‘Fuzzy Lights’ released by Manchester record label ‘Little Red Rabbit Records’.

    Check them out here—-


    and you can buy the album or singles here—-


  2. Wayhey! The audacious chaps at Ohhdeer have done a wee interview with me about me and my works! ^_^ 

    check the interview out here———>


  3. Where i work + cat = lengthy procrastination. 

  4. Check out our stand at the ‘Bologna children’s book fair’! what and experience and so many beautiful books on show by my talented class mates :)


  5. This is a new screen print from my Rapunzel book. Its spread six and perfectly sums up how i felt half the time at the Bologna children’s book fair at all of my meetings…pure terror! 

    The book fair was great though! and i had 10 meetings in total with some of my favourite publishers from the continent. It was a great experience and there were soooo many beautiful books and so many publishers with an utterly heart warming passion for children’s books and book arts. I cant wait til next year’s :>)

  8. A few of the beautiful books i bought at Bologna childrens book fair, all by one of my favourite publishers- Orecchio acerbo, who i was privilaged enough to have an absolutely wonderful meeting with at the Fair. 

  13. Im Back from Bologna and the Bologna children’s book fair in Italy. Here are a few pics from my sunny weekend before the fair. I was lucky enough to head out for a few days by myself to relax before my meetings the week ahead.