1. In a weeks time my solo show at Ó! Galeria in Porto, Portugal will go up! The show will feature a selection of my work from over the last 6 years, from books, to screen prints, to originals. The name of the exhibition is ‘We see stories’, most of my work is rooted in visual storytelling, some of it is more obvious than others so i’m inviting all visitors to come and see or create there own stories from my images. Im sad to not be able to be there for the show, but i’m very much looking forward to the photos of it all up!


  2. POSTING DAY! Today I’m posting all my work to Portugal for my solo exhibition ‘We see stories’ at Ó! Galeria in Porto, which starts in a weeks time. 

    Im very excited to be exhibiting in this wonderful gallery, which is so tirlessly dedicated to illustration and book arts from all round the globe. After visiting the Portugese section at the bologna children’s book fair this year it opened my eyes to how so much amazing work is coming out of there, namely my favourite Portugese publishers ‘Planteta Tangerina’ check out their spectacular books here —-


  3. Here are my New Post card packs! exclusively made for Ó! Galeria, Porto.

    check out there website and blog here——



  4. Here are two designs i made super quickly over the weekend, which i then made into a pack of four postcards to be sold at Ó! Galeria in Porto, Portugal for my up and coming solo exhibition there. More info on that sooooon ^_^ 

  9. On saturday I was selling my work at the wonderful ELCAF, east london comics and arts festival, run by the Nobrow guys and gals. It was such a great day! we were in such good company with so many talented and inspirational illustrators, animators, writers, book creators and all round creators of fabulous things! 

    Our collective, Brolly Lolly went down so well and we were received with such warmth and made to feel rather chuffed with ourselves by the end of it! I cant wait til next years! ^_^

    For more perusing, visit our website here—-



  10. Morning! Its nearly the weekend (Hurrah!) and tomorrow Im very excited to be selling my wares at the ELCAF, the East London Comics & Arts Festival, run by the lovely lads and ladies at Nobrow Press!

    I’m so chuffed to be sharing the stall with lots of talented illustrators and designers from our collective ‘Brolly Lolly’ check us out here——


    and a Link to the Elcaf site is here—-


    Im hoping for a jam packed day of selling, buying, admiring and inspiration. Come swing by our stall and say Hi!

  11. My art editor at Simon & Schuster, the wonderfully Lovely Lizzy Bromley sent me through the case sample for the book jacket i design for them last year, to be published in August. LOOOOOOoooksie, my Type in gold! I cant wait to see the finished thing! 

  12. Me and my boyfriend Luke took a little excersion to London a while back to go to the V&A and the Natural history museum, AND look what we stumbled accross in the V&A gift shop! proud moment ^_^

  13. ! My card designs for Ohhdeer are in the V & A shop ^_^ Happy moment!

  14. Hellloooo! Its been a whole month since i last update this blog, i’ve been swamped with a new commission and doing up my new flat, ripping out kitchen units and boring adult stuff like that! 

    This weekend was a lovely sunny and chilled weekend how ever, spending time with my boyfriend who turned 31 two days ago. And i just wanted to share my bargain of the weekend, this £1 bargain may i add, in the form of this amazing 1950’s children’s book with colours and illustrations that will melt your eyeballs off with joy!

    check out these beautiful prints, guhhhh! such inspiration ^_^

    Best in children’s books, published by Nelson Doubleday inc, in 1958. 


  15. Best in children’s books, published by Nelson Doubleday inc, in 1958.