3. Its the end of an era! I’ve finally finished my MA in children’s book illustration at the cambridge school of art. Im a mixture of sad for leaving but so very excited for the future, which compared with the feelings of terror and trepidation after finishing my BA all those 5 years ago things are looking a lot brighter! 

    Here are a few pics of the big night at uni…

    ..Things havent calmed down however, in a weeks time i will be off to Bologna again for the children’s book fair there, the largest in the world and its going to be A GRAND OL TIME! There i’ll be exhibiting my work on the CSA stand and running around harrassing publishers ;>)

    Lots more pics of bologna and all the goings on will be up on here in a few weeks time,

    Till then enjoy the sun shine! (how ever long it lasts)


  4. GET IN! Just found out that me and my super talented chums at http://www.brollylolly.com/ will be showcasing our work and goods at the East London Comics & Arts festival on the 14th of June. Im so over the moon! This event is rated near the top of my list of things to see and do in 2014 and im going to have the opportunity to sell my wares at this event organised by the wonderful NOBROW. Hold on to your hats!


  7. These are a few images of my on going project, a concertina book of the story ‘Rapunzel’ also with brown and gold slip case. The story is wordless and is read through the images in the hair, which flows throughout the long format of the book. 

    It can be read page by page or pulled out as one long sequance. each spread is screen printed so it taking me quite a long time to do. 

    Im going to be presenting this at the Bologna childrens book fair, so hopefully i’ll get some positive feed back from publishers :)


  8. The Candid gallery, London.

  9. The display of my work at my MA degree show @ Candid gallery, London.

  10. Me looking shell shocked, tired and drunk at my MA show @ Candid gallery in London. With the obscenely talented and lovely Alexis Deacon (Right).

  11. A lovely & emotional evening, for my MA degree show @ The Candid Gallery, London

  13. Making a million hand cut and stamped business cards for my degree show exhibition in 2 and half weeks.

  14. Heres my new Studio space for the next several years ^_^ looking tidy at the moment.

  15. Excuse the rolled up Kitchen flooring…