1. Its Finally here!!! its been a whole year since i designed this book jacket for Katherine Rundell, the author of ‘Rooftoppers’ new book ‘Cartwheeling in thunderstorms’. Its published by Simon & Schuster in New York and will be out next week! I’m headed to NY next month and cant wait to see it in the bookshops :)))

  2. The front & back of the jacket, im so pleased with it and all of the extra shiny bits :)) Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms by the wonderful Katherine Rundell, published by Simon & schuster in late August 2014!

  3. Here my Type embossed in gold on the spine & my endpaper design :)) Cartwheeling in thunderstorms, published by Simon & Schuster in late August 2014!

  4. Chapter illustration in Cartwheeling in thunderstorms, published by Simon & Schuster in late August 2014 :)))

  6. Hey all! You can now follow me on TWITTER!!


    Heres a wee image and photoshop experiment. Any excuse to experiment with a bit of colour and type! ;)

  7. Sneekery peekery! Heres some cropped sections of an illustration i just finished for the next issue of Jamie Oliver magazine. Can you guess what city it is? I want to visit this place now ive done all the research, it looks so beautiful and has sooo many wonderful places to eat and see! The full illustration will be out sooon :)))

  8. WE SEE STORIES PART TWO is coming to Cambridge!

    My exhibition of screen prints & original works has travelled up from the first leg of a short two date tour in Porto, Portugal to finally rest for three weeks at the Cambridge arts picture house, from the 5th-27th august.

    I’ll be showing 15 pieces in total, a large majority of that is my most current work, as well as some work stretching back 5 years. All of the work is rooted in story telling, from folk tales, fairy tales and true stories & all framed work is for sale, ranging from an affordable £25 to £400. 

    Much of the work wont be available to buy again, so pop down or spread the word! ^_^

    The facebook event page with all the details is below, i hope to see new and old faces alike!



  9. 'We see stories' solo exhibition @ Ó! Galeria, Porto, Portugal.

  10. 'We see stories' solo exhibition @ Ó! Galeria, Porto, Portugal.

  11. 'We see stories' solo exhibition @ Ó! Galeria, Porto, Portugal.

  12. 'We see stories' solo exhibition @ Ó! Galeria, Porto, Portugal.

  13. I have an exhibition up in the fabulous gallery in Porto, Portugal!  it’ll be up in O! Galeria for another fews days and its been so great getting feedback from and showing my work in to an audience out of the UK. I hope there will be more like this down the line :>)

    check out their website & Facebook page here——



  14. The wonderful folks at inky goodness have posted a wee interview with me about my work and life after my MA. You can check out my ramblings here as well as there website which is full of inspiring creators, events and places to go and see! ——-



  15. In a weeks time my solo show at Ó! Galeria in Porto, Portugal will go up! The show will feature a selection of my work from over the last 6 years, from books, to screen prints, to originals. The name of the exhibition is ‘We see stories’, most of my work is rooted in visual storytelling, some of it is more obvious than others so i’m inviting all visitors to come and see or create there own stories from my images. Im sad to not be able to be there for the show, but i’m very much looking forward to the photos of it all up!