1. Um….mum?

    SO FINALLY ive got my new studio habitable and have got round to posting up segment of UM…MUM? the 30 page picture book i worked on for the end of my MA 1st year.

    Inspired by unforunate event and childrens books such as ‘Not now bernard’ by David Mckee, where the child and the childs world is not taken seriously by parents and adults, um…mum tells the story of a child who is witness to many peculiar sights and events on his journey home from the market. occurances such as flying fish, boats on land, sea creatures on cars, vehicles in tree etc…. explained at the end of the book (still oblivious to his mother) by a tornado sweeping the landscape and their house into its cyclone.

    This is my first attempt at both writing a story and illustrating it. This was a HUGE learning  experience for me. Like all things there is good and bad things about this book, but which i hope ive taken on board for my next venture. Maybe not so much like an ‘ACID TRIP’ next time, words used to this effect by my Tutor Prof. Martin Salisbury.  Feed back is most welcome.

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